Pine candelstick large - oak


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Lekre Pine lysestake fra de danske herrene i The Oak Men. Den er kjempefin alene og lekker i gruppe med de andre Pine-lysestakene.

Diameter 8 cm.

Høyde 11, 5 cm.

The oak men

The oak men

The Oak Men are Anders Buchtrup Jensen and Peter Hensberg. We are Danish cabinetmakers. We love wood and we love cool stuff. We design and manufacture products for use in life, for real and for fun. Every product handled by The Oak Men is based on cabinet making, with a focus on quality, simplicity, aesthetics but certainly also a good deal of humor. There are many fine home accessories out there, but most of it made for women. We only produce what we think is cool. We only do stuff which we, as men, as The Oak Men, can relate to. Stuff that men themselves will buy. Stuff that women can buy for their men, but surely also for themselves.